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Post News


Renovation before and after pictures and a link to the WHAG video coming soon!


Click here for a link to the WHAG video.


Click here for a listing of the volunteers who assisted with the renovation.



The Post is planning an AYCE Shrimp and Crab Legs Feed for June 11th.


2 to 5 PM - $35.00

Entertainment to Follow




The Ladies are planning a Yard Sale for June 17th and 18th.  Donations are being accepted at the Club.


6 to 4:30 PM on Friday

8 to ?? on Saturday



Post Will Serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all week.



Beginning April 1, the Post will serve breakfast starting at 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  No beer or liquor until 1:00 on Sunday.



Dedication Ceremony Successful




The Club held a Ceremony dedicating the Main Building to H. Kenny Cushwa Sr.  The dedication was held at 1:00 PM prior to the AYCE Chicken Feed on May 16.  Commander Ed Stracka officiated. The dedication sign was designed and procured by 1stVice Ron Gardner.


For more details go to: and search for amvets dedication.




Concrete Work on Pavilion and Club



The Sons' have upgraded the cooking area at the Pavilions with a concrete pad. 


Later in the year, a pier will be poured which will be used as the docking point for the post dock.



Bar Upgrade


The post is planning to cover the bar surface with an acrylic plastic in the near future.  We are considering embedding some plaques in the plastic with members names, friends names or family, their service affiliation (branch of service logo) and perhaps a short message.


We would like some feedback from the members as to whether there is any interest in this idea.  We estimate that the cost per member will be $35.00 to $50.00.


We have some samples to show and they are at the bar - just ask a bartender to see them.  There is a signup sheet posted - please put your name, email address and phone number on the sheet if you are interested - or you can email to the email address.  Alternatively have the bartender add your name to the list.



Stacy & Pone Wedding


June 1 saw a gala event at the river and in the Pavilion - Stacy and Pone got married!  Click here to see the picture album of the wedding - check back - more pictures here.



Dock Upgrade



The replacement dock refurbishing and installation was successfully accomplished with a lot of help from volunteers.  Next a concrete landing pad is in the works to be scheduled with the planned upgrade to the cooking area which includes a concrete pad for the seafood steaming area.  If you can assist with labor or materials, please add your name to the volunteer sheet in the club lobby.


For more pictures of the dock refurbishment, click here.


More to come on Post # 38 News.  Come back often.