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Post Officers for Year 2017-18


Commander - Paul Dowling

Paul is a native of Montgomery County MD, and attended U of MD, McMurray College  enlisted in USAF ‘69 and served as a Sgt. USAF Strategic Air Command, Electronic Warfare Systems Technician. Dyess AFB TX, 96th Bomb Wing B-52D.  He worked at Watkins Johnson Co in Gaithersburg MD, Head Engineering Support from 78 to 89.  Design and Manufacture of surveillance equipment.  He currenty works at Design One Corp, 88 to present. Network Engineer.



First Vice - Dave Drew


Dave's responsibilities are Veteran and Social Membership and supporting the Commander as Chief-of-Staff.  He has served as 1st Vice several times and as Finance Officer.


He was drafted into the Army in June 1967.  He served in Viet Nam as a Sergeant in an infantry company in the 9th Infantry Division from April 1968 to April 1969.  His unit was primarily air mobile but at times was deployed by trucks or Navy landing craft.  His unit's area of operations was in the Mekong Delta near Cambodia.


Second Vice - Joe Hutton


Third Vice - Paul Dowling


Adjutant - Ed Stracka (Temp)


Ed is a Retired U.S. Marine who served in Viet Nam. He served as a member of the team that planned and implemented the conversion of the USMC personnel records to updatable microfiche. He then served as the COTR of the over $10 million conversion contract.  He recently served as the Project Manager of the Library of Congress contract for The Crowley Company in Frederick, MD.  He is currently serving as the Judge Advocate for the Dept of WV.



Judge Advocate - Ed  Stracka


Treasurer/Finance Officer - Kenny Clevinger