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Post Open Hours Changed!

Beginning 1 April 2016 the Post will open daily at 8:00.  No liquor or beer will be served on Sundays until 1:00 PM.


Breakfast Hours Change:  Beginning in April 2016, breakfast will be served daily from 8-11.


Daily Club Activities:  Kitchen open 4-?.  (Limited menu during hours of Club Operation)

Monday - Bingo 6-9 & Wing Night

Tuesday - Taco Night

Wednesday - Chicken Buffet

Thursday - Steak Night

Friday - Fish Night

Saturday - Prime Rib Night

Sunday - Free Finger Food


Upcoming events for 2016 are:



Aug 20 - Grand Reopening of Post 38 Canteen


Aug 27 - Paint Night, 6-9 PM.  $35.00


Sep 10 - Basket Bingo.  5-9 PM.


Sep 17 - Sons Hog Feed.  2-5 $10.00 per person


Ladies Activities - click HERE - The Yard Sale was a SUCCESS - thanks to all who contributed!


Download Post Constitution and ByLaws here.

Download Post Officers Manual here.

Download Post Operations Manual here.

Download Post Club Menu here .


Welcome to the AMVETS Post # 38 WV Website!







The GRAND REOPENING of the Post Canteen is the 20th of August!!!!  Come and celebrate with us!  Free food and activities in the pavilion beginning at 2PM.


Come and see what we have done to YOUR Club!


The August edition of the Newsletter should be showing up in your mailbox next week (somewhere between August 15th to 17th).  We have received lots of suggestions for naming the Newsletter to date, they are listed below, in this months Newsletter and posted in the Club entrance.  The suggestions are:

  • P38 Cutting Edge News

    (The P-38 is known as a "John Wayne" by the United States Marine Corps, either because of its toughness and dependability, or because of an unsubstantiated story that the actor had been shown in an as-yet-unidentified training film opening a can of K-Rations. The can opener is pocket-sized, approximately 1.5 inches (38 mm) long, and consists of a short metal blade that serves as a handle, with a small, hinged metal tooth that folds out to pierce the can lid. A notch just under the hinge point keeps the opener hooked around the rim of the can as the device is "walked" around to cut the lid out. A larger version called the P-51 is somewhat easier to operate. The handle portion can also double as a makeshift flat-blade screwdriver, with limited ability because of the rather soft sheet metal used.)

  • American AMVETS Inc. Post 38
  • On the River With AMVETS Post 38 News
  • AMVETS INK - Post 38
  • American AMVETS Ink 38
  • Catch Up With The AMVETS Post 38 News
  • Freedom Ink AMVETS Post 38 News
  • Up The River With the AMVETS Post 38 Newsletter
  • Ketsup With The AMVETS News Post 38
  • River Gazette
  • Service Log
  • All Hands On Deck
  • Down The River With the AMVETS Post 38 Newsletter
  • Down The River With AMVETS Post 38

The suggestions may be voted on by an email to members@amvetspost38wv.org, by mail to the post addresses:


Newsletter Name

PO Box 546

Falling Waters, WV 25419


Newsletter Name

186 Boat Dock Drive

Falling Waters, WV 25419


Or at the bar on the list posted in the entrance to the Club Canteen.


New TVs installed around the bar!  A big THANK YOU to David Frazier for his generous donation of 5 big screen TVs and to Ronny Mills for his hard work getting them installed!


Updated security system installed at the Club.  As you may have heard, we have had some issues with vandalism at the pavilions and theft around the Club.  A new video security system was installed at the Pavilions last month and this month installation was completed in the Canteen and around the building covering the entire perimeter of the Club and the parking lots.


The new system is high tech with high resolution cameras that can see in the dark.  If you suspect vandalism or tampering with your vehicle, please contact the bartender, Stacy, Ed, Ron, Kenny or Ken and give us the approximate time and date of the suspected incident.


A big THANK YOU to Mike Stracka and Jarrett Neus for their hard work and technical expertise!


Post 38 Canteen Renovated!



The long awaited renovation (work on the grant began in late 2015) is now reality!


Thanks to a grant from Home Depot of Ransom the Post 38 Canteen has been renovated!  Beginning on May 9th employees and volunteers from Post 38 began preparing the building for renovation by removing:

  • Old tile throughout the building
  • Old carpet
  • Old tiles from the dropped ceiling
  • Everything from the walls
  • All equipment from the kitchen and bar

On May 11th the Home Depot crew and volunteers along with volunteers from the Post showed up with the materials to perform the renovation.  They:

  • Installed new ceramic tile in the kitchen
  • Installed new ceramic tile in the men's bathroom
  • Constructed and installed a new kitchen serving station
  • Installed new cabinets and A/C in the kitchen
  • Installed new dropped ceiling tiles
  • Installed new carpet in the conference room
  • Installed a new floor behind the bar
  • Installed a new floor in the entrance
  • Installed new doors in the conference room
  • Replaced two fans around the bar, and
  • More

Carolyn Blackburne WHAG News ReporterOn May 11th WHAG sent a reporter (Carolyn Blackburne) to do a story on the renovation.  The video aired the evening of the 11th.  STAY TUNED, more coming on the renovation including before and after pictures and a link to the WHAG video on the Post News Page.


Click here for a listing of the volunteers who assisted in the Post renovation.



Post Mailbox Installed


We have installed a mail box at the Post thanks to Ken Bercaw (Adutant).  For many years we have had our post mail delivered to a PO Box.  Due to an administrative error at National Headquarters, much of our mail was addressed to our physical location which resulted in an unknown amount of mail ending up at the dead letter department of the post office.


If you have not received your renewal application for 2016 dues, your mail may have affected by this problem.  If you believe that your renewal has been part of this problem, please stop by the Club and renew or send us a post card with your current mailing address and say 'please renew me' or send an email to:

members@amvetspost38wv.org with renewal request in the subject line or in the text - please include your current mailing address.


If you prefer to use the mail service, use either of the below addresses:


Member Renewal

AMVETS Post 38

PO Box 546

Falling Waters, WV 25419


Member Renewal

AMVETS Post 38

186 Boat Dock Drive

Falling Waters, WV 25419


Post Newsletter Planned


The Post has applied for a non-profit mailing permit which will allow for a newsletter at a greatly reduced cost.  Once the permit has been procured we will begin mailing the newsletter.  Members will be able to include events and newsworthy information in the newsletter.


Chicken Buffet on Wednesday & Saturday Nights!


A Chicken Buffet is offered on both Wednesday and Saturday nights.


Post Has Upgraded Sewer System


The Post has upgraded the sewer system.  Plans are in the works to install bathrooms in the pavilion area this coming summer and to upgrade the video security system to include the pavilion area.



The Post has adopted a new Officers Manual and a Post Operations Manual.  As soon as the new manuals have been published with a few changes incorporated, they will be made available online.  A copy is available at the bar for members to read while in the club.


We want all members to be involved in this website and for it to serve the members of the post.  Please send us your suggestions using the contact page, or via email to the Webmaster (webmaster@amvetspost38wv.org).







The post is considering covering the bar with an acrylic plastic in the near future.  As part of the process, small objects can be embedded in the plastic, which is transparent.  This will allow members to memorialize themselves or friends, or family with a small plaque with their name and service affiliation.


The cost is estimated to be between $30 to $45.  Samples of the plaques are available in the club - just ask the bartender to see the samples.  Depending on the interest the club will continue research and negotiation of the cost of this type of plaque.  There are other methods to do this - suggestions are welcome.


If you are interested in this project, please fill out the sign up sheet in the entrance or have the bartender add your name to the list.


As you can see, this web site is relatively new and requires much input to complete.  Please help with YOUR web site and provide input to the development team.  Send in suggestions or comments to the following address: